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We are committed to help on the transition of clients from a hospital setting to their place of living with a fast and effective system.


Help the patient to have an easy and fast transition from a hospital or medical office to the place of living or care facility.


Facilitate the communication among Hospitals, Medical Offices, Home Health Agencies, and Health Care Providers.


Increase Hospitals revenue by decreasing the transition time. Increase job opportunities for Agencies and Health Care Providers.


Referral Source

Referral sources are any healthcare organization that provide and manage healthcare services for either inpatient or outpatient settings or where orders of continuing care or transition of care are issued on a client’s behalf. This may include hospitals, agencies and medical offices.

From Hospitals, the transitions occur through the case manager or similar department. From medical offices, the process is done by an office clerk. Today this process is done almost entirety “manually” by phone.

Our system will link the referral source organization with a licensed agency able/willing to provide the required services and simultaneously with the home health care force.

  • Fraud protection.
  • Increase revenue.
  • Optimize transition process.
  • Keep patients happy.


Until now, the Home Health Agency did not have access to the network of all patients being discharged. With our system, the agency will be able to participate actively in the transition of the patients to provide better and faster services to the patients.

Our system will provide the Agency with:

  • Access to all the patients available in the area.
  • Access to the broad network of Referral Sources and Care Providers.
  • Real time notifications for transitioning patients.

Care Provider

Our system is a game changer for the health care providers. We will provide care providers with:

  • A dashboard with all the patients available in the area.
  • The ability to choose a geographical area and the services they are willing to provide according his/her expertise.
  • Notification when a new client is in need of health care services in his/her place of residence.
  • Access to the broad network of Referral Source and Home Health Care agencies.
  • Increase the professional network.
  • Android / iOS app.

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